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Biology Kingdom Assignment - Due Monday 3/18

Purpose - to create an intro page for one of the 6 Kingdoms
Requirements - your page must include:
  1. Name of Kingdom and general description of unifying characteristics/behavior
  2. Cell type - eukaryote/prokaryote (with visual)
  3. Identifying cell structures - cell wall? chloroplast? peptidoglycan? chitin? (with visual)
  4. Unicellular or Multicellular? (with visual)
  5. Autotroph? Heterotroph or both?
  6. 3 pictures of species from Kingdom - caption should include scientific name and common name
  7. 2 descriptions of careers related to the Kingdom

Use your textbook - section 18.3 and following chapters for information on Kingdoms

Careers in Biology Website CSUSB
Another Biology Careers Website

Group Assignments

Kingdom Eubacteria - Miranda, Yoshi, Kary
Kingdom Archaebacteria - Ali, Rachel, Zach, Veronica
Kingdom Protista - Leon, Valeria, Matt, Davin
Kingdom Fungi - Bryan, Lemuel, Tom
Kingdom Plantae - Estefan, Cody, Kalissa, Chad W.
Kingdom Animalia - Richard, Chad D, Deandre.


History of Education Page

Physical Science Links

Boyles Law

Charles Law

3/3 Earthworm Dissection Link

2/4 Biology Bacteria/Virus Research - 30pts
Due on Friday 2/11
A written report on comparing and contrasting bacteria and viruses
  • 2 page requirement
  • paragraph form
  • comparing and contrasting
  • highligh a specific type of bacteria and virus
  • MLA citation and Bibliography (see link below in classification project description for help)

Through reading the textbook, video lectures and discussion you have learned about bacteria and viruses - their structures, modes of reproduction, affect on other organisms and relative sizes. For this report you are to compare and contrast the two types of organisms while specifically highlighting one type of pathogenic bacteria and one virus of your choice. To find information on your chosen bacterium and virus please use the following websites:

More info to help you research and write report click here

1/31 Biology Classification project - 30pts
Due on Wednesday 2/9

The goal of this project is to create pages dedicated to describing the classification of different organisms. Each of you will create a page where you will describe an organism of your choice. You can add text, tables, pictures, and videos related to your organism.

MLA citation guide for electronic entries - please include the URL link so that I can follow up on your references

MLA citing made easy


Aristotle. Poetics. Trans. S. H. Butcher. The Internet Classics Archive. Web Atomic and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 13 Sept. 2007. Web. 4 Nov. 2008. ‹http://classics.mit.edu/›.

NCBI Taxonomy Browser


Explore biological classification with a look at a rare and endangered species from the Pacific Northwest - the tree octopus. This is obviously one amazingly-adapted species