• Name of Kingdom and general description of unifying characteristics/behavior
  • Cell type - eukaryote/prokaryote (with visual)
  • Identifying cell structures - cell wall? chloroplast? peptidoglycan? chitin? (with visual)
  • Unicellular or Multicellular? (with visual)
  • Autotroph? Heterotroph or both?
  • 3 pictures of species from Kingdom - caption should include scientific name and common name
  • 2 descriptions of careers related to the Kingdom

The kingdom animalia are all creatures that have eukaryotic cells.
the animalia kingdom have a cell type eukaryotes
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Their cells have no cell walls and no chloroplasts
They are multicellular.
The animals in this kingdom are heterotrophs
external image 10127407.jpg
Tiger- panther tigris

external image animalia-kingdom-800x800.jpg
Panda- ailuropoda melanoleuca

external image zebra_diagram.jpg

Zebra- equus quagga

Two careers that relate to this Kingdom are an animal trainer, which trains animals from birth to grow up to become a circus animal or a herding sheep dog.
Another career is a veterinarian which is a person that takes care of animals that are hurt or makes sure that an animal is at the top of its game.