• Name of Kingdom and general description of unifying characteristics/behavior -Yoshi

A. Like archaebacteria, eubacteria are complex and single celled. Most bacteria are in the EUBACTERIA kingdom. They are the kinds found everywhere and are the ones people are most familiar with.
  • Cell type - eukaryote/prokaryote (with visual)-kary
  • A. Organism in the eubacteria kingdom are prokaryotic because unicellular bacteria is eubacteria.
external image eubacteria%20cell.jpg
  • eubacteria of the eubacteriam kingdom
  • Identifying cell structures - cell wall? chloroplast? peptidoglycan? chitin? (with visual)-mira
  • Unicellular or Multicellular? (with visual)-Yoshi

A. Eubacteria are unicellular, microscopic and can live nearly anywhere.
  • Autotroph? Heterotroph or both?-kary
  • A. Eubacteria organisms are both autotroph and heterotroph because the bacteria are chemosynthetic or photosynthetic
  • 3 pictures of species from Kingdom - caption should include scientific name and common name-Yoshi
external image zwp0257.jpg external image Lactococcus%20lactis%20subsp.%20lactis.jpgexternal image e_coli.jpg
-----Rhodospirillum Rubrum --------------Lactococcus Lactis --------------------Escherichia coli --------------------------
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Example Species:
Bacillus anthracis
Pseudamonas aeruginosa
Lactobacillus Acidophilus
Clostridium Tetani