Fungi are a type of eukaryotic organism that play a key role in the many ecosystems of earth. They break down dead organic matter and provide nutrients
to the animals that feed on them. Fungi are also used in antibiotics, bread, and beer.

Fungi are classified as heterotrophic organisms whose cell wall is composed of chitin rather than chloroplasts. Another unique factor of fungi is that they are both unicellular and multicellular.

Structure of a fungus
Structure of a fungus

Fungi structure

external image mushroomsi.gif

Mushroom fungi

external image 12970017-bracket-fungi-or-shelf-fungi-phylum-basidiomycota.jpg

Fungi on the side of a tree trunk

Two careers that are associated with fungi are phytopathology and microbiology. In microbiology, people get to see up close and study the organisms at the cellular level. Also, in phytopathology, they can take it a step further and study the diseases and pathogens that usually come from fungi.

Example Species
Rhizopus stolonifer
Armillaria ostoyae
Aggricus bisporus
Cantherellus cibarius