Sputnik- October 4th, 1957Please take time to review and respond to the information below! Thanks :)


World's First Man-made SatelliteSize - a little larger than a basketballGuess how much it weighed?

Sputnik was not equipped with any scientific instruments,but orbited the earth once every 98 minutes


Soviet response - “the new socialist society turns even the most daring of man’s dreams 4898805_f520.jpga reality.”

When Sputnik's "beep" first reached Earth on Oct. 4th, 1957, many Americans dreaded that the Russion satellite was spying on them." Larry Abramson, NPR

Watch this video clip on the Sputnik launch

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What do you think Americans were feeling when they heard the news about Sputnik?

President Eisenhower Responds:The National Defense Education Act



Over One Billion dollars for new science curriculum"The new focus made science sexy."Gerry Wheeler, former head of the National Science Teachers Association
Educational tools changed - lab kits, overhead projectors, & education films

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Has America "redoubled" its efforts to "bring American education to levels consistent with the needs of our society?"
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